Google Advertising

Google Advertising is one of the most effective way to generate traffic and new potential customers for your business. Google web analytics tools make it easier for ad manager to plan an effective campaign for right and maximally interested people.

Platforms on which it is possible to place ads

Google Ads Dashboard lets you show ads on the following platforms:

Video ad on Youtube

With this advertising method you can place video ads on Youtube. There are two types of YoutubeAd:

  • In-stream. The ad will appear at the beginning, middle or end of the video. Users will be able to skip the ad after 5 seconds (if it is a video ad) or as soon as it appears (if it is a video banner).
  • Video Discovery displays ads in a list of interesting videos. The duration of such an advertisement is 6 seconds and it's impossible to miss it. Its location is the same as in-streams location.

Google Advertising in Display Network

Advertising on different websites, apps and many many other platforms, which Google has partnership with. When planning a marketing campaign using this way, you can choose web-sites categories and many other options in order to maximize your result. App owners generally use Freemium model to monetize it.

Google search engine

Show your ad in Google search results. Out of the advertising competition, your ad will occupy TOP 1-3 places. The principle is simple: when creating an ad, in the settings we indicate a keywords that characterize your product or service. A potential customer writes a keyword phrase in the search, and if that phrase matches with your offer, the ad is displayed to them.

PlayMarket Ads

This type of advertising involves users to see/download an app Such ads are placed automatically, based on the available information.

Google Advertising - The structure of our work

The structure of working with the client in our company includes the following stages:

  • Meeting and interview. We will talk about your main tasks and vision for the future. About what you are going to achieve Internet Marketing with the help of.
  • We will plan the best advertising campaign considering the target audience and the existing budget. Also, announce the probable results in numbers.
  • We will implement the advertising plan and control whole process.
  • You will receive a full and detailed report.

Google Analytics

Regardless of the ad type we choose, we will be able to see all the statistics on a web analytics platform called Google Analytics. This tool will allow you to analyze the following information in as much detail as possible: how many people have seen the ad, how many people performed the key action, how many downloaded your app, their age, gender, geo statistics, etc.

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