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For modern companies, a website site is one of the most important marketing tool and actually the best way to demonstrate business from all the sides. There are often cases when you need to create a unique website in a short time. For most companies, this stage takes too many time. As a result, your business Internet platform fails to reach that potential that it actually has.

There are 3 main categories of websites:

  • Multi-page
  • One-page
  • Landing
  • One Page / Landing Page / Portfolio - 350 ₾
  • Multi-page site (5+ pages) - 550₾
  • Online store with its standard functionality - 850₾

Adapted (for mobiles and tablets), with a unique design.

In case of setting up another site with non-standard functionality, the price will be determined individually.

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The multi-page site is designed for companies that have a wide range of products and services. Having a separate page for each service will allow you to describe the product to your potential customers in as much detail as possible. Generating traffic (audience) on such a resource is easier in terms of SEO optimization.

However, it also has various disadvantages: the larger site is, the more you need to develop it; also, in case of any technical error, its detection without special analysis tools is a difficult task.


This category of sites includes: online store, e-commerce, service sites, informational platforms, etc.

After building a multi-page site it is important to have its correct and timely SEO optimization. You can read about optimization here .

Creating a one-page website

If the company does not have a wide range and it sells only one or several similar products / offers one type of service, in this case it would be advisable to create a one-page site. Modern web development allows you to create a site that describes your company in as much detail and visibility as possible on one page and introduces visitors to the existing services, prices, shows it the manufacturing process, etc. Such a site is much easier to administer, although in terms of SEO it is almost impossible to optimize (possible if the business niche is not busy and the competition level is too low). Owners of such resources generate traffic to the resource through advertising (Google, Facebook, other sources). The given platform will also be useful for those who want to manage their own blog or create an online portfolio.


Too many people think that landing and one-page site are synonymous. In fact this is not the case. Landing can be both one-page and multi-page. In most cases, it is created as an addition to an already existing multi-page site. Typically, its viability ranges from 2-12 months. Imagine that you have some grand raffle or discount. Do you think it needs special attention from users and will only be active for a certain amount of time. Lendings are created for such promotions, bonuses, trainings and other similar offers.

What type of site should we create? What to choose?

To answer this question you need to set goals correctly. Ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of creating a website, what do I want to get after creating it. How fast do I want to reach my goal? Our company will help you to answer these questions, make the right choice and achieve the goal.

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