Case: In June 2018, one of us approached Hiking Club. Their task was to generate likes on the Facebook page and maximize the audience using a minimum budget (no more than $ 15).


Since the company's budget did not exceed $ 15, we decided to hold a raffle. Previous advertising experience has dictated that a raffle would be the most optimal option for expanding the page audience within a limited budget.

The club set aside one tent for the draw. We have selected a good, attractive photo from the hiking club gallery, attached a logo and succinctly inserted a short text about the tent raffle.

We selected the target audience according to the following criteria:

  • Demographics: Georgia, Tbilisi, 16-40 years. Females and males.
  • Interests: Extreme sports, Hiking, Cycling, Outdoor hiking, Camping, People who travel often, etc.

Budget : $ 5 per day, total budget - $ 15


As a result we got:


Approve more than 1300 pages


861 Share


596 Reaction



+1300 page likes, 861 post sharing, 596 reactions, 115 comments and 130 000 views (including 50 000 views were for advertising, while the remaining 80 000 were received as a result of the large number of shares). On the 3rd day in the evening hours the advertising was stopped. $ 13.5 was spent