In June 2019, we decided to introduce a new service for us: Express SEO Audit. An audit involves examining the entire technical and content of the site - what errors exist on the resource and what impact they have on search results and traffic.


The cost of Express SEO audit service was 25 GEL. Due to the fact that the service is new and was unknown to potential customers at the time of the ad, we decided to offer the most affordable price.

Identify and target the target audience

Naturally, our B2B target audience includes people who own the site, as well as company executives and top managers. Geographical location did not matter because the service was done through online communication - people sent us the site, we audited it and sent detailed reports and recommendations. Age range: 24-50 years.

Accordingly, the number of Georgian citizens aged 24-50 who met the above interests and behavioral factors (site owners, top managers, etc.) amounted to 40,000 people. That's 40,000 people is our target audience on Facebook.

Contact points

You probably know that Facebook has been reducing page posts in the last 2 years. If previously your page post was viewed by 11-13% of subscribers, now this figure has dropped to 7-8%. Still, Messenger was added In comparison New feature: You can send an advertising / news message at once to all the people you have ever corresponded with in Messenger. Accordingly, the goal of the advertising campaign was to generate leads through Messenger.

Budget and deadlines

We do not spend a lot of money on testing a new campaign. There are 2 ways to budget on Facebook:

  • Indicate the start and end dates of the ad and the total budget. For example, the ad will be displayed from July 15 to August 20 and the total budget is $ 20. Depending on how active your target audience is on this or that day, Facebook will decide for itself how much to spend on which day. Such an algorithm of social networking allows us to make advertising as effective as possible.
  • Indicate your daily budget, or the amount you are willing to pay in one day. Indicate start, but do not indicate end date. If the ad stops, you will have to pause it from the ad cabinet.

The daily budget was $ 3.

The campaign was active for 6 incomplete days and spent $ 17 on the entire advertising campaign.


As a result we got:

  1. Income = 425 GEL
  2. Conversion = 31.25%
  3. ROI = 825.9% (from 1 GEL invested in advertising we received income in the amount of 8 GEL
Advertising on facebookz 1

Advertising on facebook