Mobile applications. Urgency

Along with technological growth, customer relations have also been simplified. There are now mobile apps that help clients to order a product / service, find various required information, book a visit, etc.

Mobile Apps and Freemium Model.

You have probably heard or played free games from Play Market and AppStore. The main source of financial flows for the owners of such an application are the ads in their apps. Such a model of monetization is called Freemium. To implement the Freemium model, it is enough to create a simple but "catchy" game or multifunctional app that many people will download. Once monetized with Google and other services, it will display various advertisements. As a result of communication (viewing, clicking, etc.) with this ad of the user, you will be charged a certain amount.

Mobile applications for companies

Apps for companies are often not a source of revenue, but rather simplify the buying and ordering process for users. A good example of such an app is Glovo , Wolt and others.

Making applications

Developers with many years of experience of Marketing Solutions Georgia will prepare an application of any complexity and type, ensure its placement in the application stores. And our marketing team can help you monetize and promote it.

The cost of making an app depends on its complexity and functionality. Clearly, the more functionality it will have, the more human, financial, and time resources it will take to create.

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