Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most important tools in the development of modern companies. Modern advertising technologies enable the development of companies that do not have a large budget. With the correct use of the above complex it is possible to achieve incredible results.

Internet Marketing. The work structure of our company

Goal setting. First of all, good internet marketing and business process optimization requires setting the right goals . The company needs to know what it wants to achieve. In addition, the goal must be specific and achievable. An example of a good goal is to "increase sales of the first range by 20% by June 2020."

The next step is to gather and group the information needed to achieve the goal, to identify the target audience of the client-organization . If the company already has a CRM system in place, this will greatly help the marketing manager in his analysis.

In the third stage, the marketing manager starts planning advertising events, selecting e-marketing tools and introducing analytics tools. Selection and planning is based on the information obtained in the previous stages. Web analytics helps the manager to see which tool proved to be the most effective and which the least effective. In addition, it is important not only to attract new customers, but also to retain / return existing / lost customers. At this stage, the user's travel map is built correctly, a loyalty program is developed.

There is no single right strategy in internet marketing. It must be formed individually, for each company taken separately.

Fourth stage: control of active advertising campaigns. Correct the primary results if necessary. Full report.

Internet Marketing. Tools that can be used

  • Website (Landing, Multi-Page / One-Page Website). The site is one of the best ways to generate customers from visitors.
  • SEO optimization . Once you have created the site, it is time to optimize it properly and generate additional traffic. This tool will allow you to get into the top 5 of search engine results.
  • Create a mobile application. The existence of some companies largely depends on the existence of a mobile app. It will help your customers have 24/7 access to the company's products / services.
  • Chat bots, telephony, CRM systems.
  • Contextual advertising. Contextual advertising can help you attract new customers.
  • Social networks. It's a pretty good platform for distributing your content. An account on social networks can be considered as a separate site. There you will be able to not only post information about your company, but also communicate directly with customers.
  • Content Marketing. For proper management of social networks it is necessary to create a content plan. Content should be as relevant as possible to the interests of your audience.

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