Marketing outsourcing

Outsourcing (marketing, accounting, etc.) is the transfer of various organizational, manufacturing, or any other function from one organization to another by agreement.

Outsourcing will allow you to increase the efficiency of the company and use the freed human and financial resources to develop the areas that are within the direct competence of your company.

Our outsourcing service

Based on all of the above, marketing outsourcing involves the transfer of marketing functions and responsibilities by a company to another company.

The main advantage of outsourcing is that the case is transferred to professionals. None of your employees will have to do what they are not competent at. This will save you time as well as your resources.

Marketing Solutions Georgia has 2 types of marketing outsourcing services: full and partial.

Marketing Outsourcing - The Complete Package

It is fully understood that all the marketing actions and activities that will be carried out in your organization will be transferred to us. The package includes:

  • Develop a marketing strategy, set goals
  • Analysis of the current situation, collection of primary and secondary information, grouping, analysis of the CRM system (if any), introduction of a loyalty program and proper construction of the "Client Travel Map"
  • Plan marketing activities based on the information obtained from the analysis
  • Execution of planned activities and their control
  • Full report

We work with the following areas: SMM (Social Media Marketing - writing publications, developing a unique corporate design, posting and advertising on social networks); SEO - complete site optimization; Advertising on Google and affiliate networks; Working with web analytics tools; Web Developer Assistance and Consulting.

Partial package of marketing outsourcing

A partial package of marketing outsourcing means that we take not the whole marketing complex, but one or more of its directions. You will need this package if, for example, you already have an SMM manager but need to advertise on Google.

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