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SiteSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Nowadays it is one of the best tools to grow your business on the internet. It is a combination of different processes on your online resource, the correct implementation of which will allow you to occupy leadership positions in search engine results. Let’s say if a company’s field of activity is accounting services, it can be done through SEO optimizationRaise search positions(Accordingly, generate more traffic to the site) with the keywords that a potential customer is looking for in the above service.

Why is site optimization SEO so important?

There are several main reasons:

  • SEO optimized site will give you the opportunity to get in the top of the search engine. Consequently, you will be able to save your financial resources. You do not have to spend a fortune on Google Adwords or any other advertising platform. Your site will receive organic and not advertising traffic.
  • As you know, SEO optimization is a combination of various technical / content processes, which is aimed not only at integrating with search engine algorithms, but also for user / visitor comfort. A well-optimized site with better UX / UI, navigation, nice visuals, useful content, high speed, etc. is better perceived by people.

Key areas that have a major impact on SEO optimization:

SEO - Content Optimization

This direction means:

  • Selection of relevant keywords based on the company's activities (building a semantic core)
  • Develop content and structure its structure
  • Writing unique texts, correct distribution of keywords in them (copywriting)

The principles of SEO tell us that content should be as understandable, structured as possible, answering potential questions that may arise to a person on a particular topic.

SEO - technical optimization

Without this direction of optimization it is impossible to develop your website. Tech. Optimization includes:

  • Install a secure protocol on the page. This means moving the site from http to https. The letter (secured) gives search engines the information that the user's personal information on the page is protected.
  • robots.txt correct configuration.
  • Mobile-friendly check. According to statistics, the number of users who find the desired information on the Internet via mobile phone is growing every month. This is why it is so important that your site is adapted to mobile systems and tablets. Otherwise when entering it the customer just does not want to stay there and will return to the search results page. If a similar situation becomes systematic, Google, Yandex or other system algorithms will find that the site has low consumer factors, resulting in a drop in site positions. Such a situation is highly undesirable in terms of SEO optimization.
  • Processing existing media content, inserting tags, etc.
  • Improve speed by reducing image size, WEB code (HTML, CSS, JS), using Lazy Loading, etc.

Working with links - Linkbuilding SEO

Another important factor according to which search algorithms realize how good this or that site is, is the so-called. "Profile of links“. Imagine you are working in the field of medicine and you have your own clinic site. If a link to this site is placed on one of the major medical portals, Google thinks: There must be some useful information about it. " As a result, the search engine rankings of your site increase. However, just such links are not enough, you need to establish a proper internal link structure. Conditionally linkbuilding SEO optimization can be divided into separate areas:

  • External linkbuilding
  • Internal linkbuilding

Due to the complexity of the page and its structure, the main work is done in 3-6 months, however this does not mean that the optimization process stops after this period. You should always keep an eye on the technical characteristics of the site, and when adding new content, follow all the above principles.

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