SMM - Social Media Marketing. Urgency

Nowadays the importance of SMM social media marketing is at a very high level. Social networks are not just a good opportunity to communicate between people. They allow companies to establish as close communication as possible with potential and existing customers.

Social Media Marketing Events

Among the SMM social media marketing activities we can distinguish the following two main areas:

  1. Content marketing in social network (preparation and posting, various visual content)
  2. Advertising on social networks. Advertising on social platforms is one of the most effective way to increase your companys' KPI. Indeed, targeting (selecting the target audience according to demographic, geographical and other interests) allows the company's advertising manager to show the ad directly to the very interested people people.

The structure of our work with customers.

Company"Marketing Solutions Georgia"Maximum satisfaction of the client's requirements is very important for him. That is why we have developed a logical structure according to which the work process will be visible and open not only to our manager but also to the client.

  • Live/ Zoom Meeting and Interview. Understand your goals, the most important KPIs.
  • We'll create Social Media Marketing Advertising and Content Strategy based on your goals and visions . Strategy will include the content of the following month / quarter by day, with their media part and copywriting part. Advertising part of the strategy includes ad campaign parameters, target audience, required budget and expected, approxiamte results.
  • Execution and control of planned works
  • Full and detailed reporting

We work with the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • VK

Types of SMM ads on social media

As already mentioned, SMM social media marketing also includes advertising on social networks. There are different types of advertising. Each of them has a specific purpose depending on the goals of the company. We can distinguish several main directions:

  • Generate leads (potential customers)
  • Brand Awareness, or raising brand awareness
  • Generating Likes and Followers on Pages (Not So Up-to-Date)
  • Messenger Campaign
  • Website traffic/ conversions
  • Video ads

Facebook advertising algorithms are quite clever. Imagine a situation like this: You are advertising an accounting services site. On the first day, 10,000 people saw the ad, but only 200 clicked on it and went to the site. Conversion rate is 2% (200/1000 * 100%). Facebook analyzes the interests of those 200 people, demographics, geographical indicators, and based on that, sets the criteria that Facebook users must satisfy in order to be most likely interested in your offer. As a result of all this, on the second day of the advertising campaign, it automatically adjusts the targeting and shows the ads to the people who, according to different criteria, maximize the likes of those 200 people. This results in increased conversion and decreased CPA value.

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