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A digital business card is a smartphone app that allows you to create and share contact information. It can be customized to include clickable links, photos, videos and other multimedia. In addition, it can be linked to your website and social media pages. Some digital business cards offer analytics, including number of views and clicks.

Unlike paper business cards, which can be difficult to update when information changes, digital business cards are easy to change in real time. This makes them much more adaptable and sustainable than their paper counterparts.

Many digital business cards are designed to be shared using QR codes or NFC, which can be read by a contact’s smartphone or other device. This is an advantage over other methods of sharing contact information, which require a separate app or website to access.

Another advantage of digital business cards is that they can be used in situations where the internet is not available or is unreliable, such as when networking on a plane or at an overcrowded conference. Lastly, digital business cards can be easily searched by contact information and keywords, making them easier for people to find.

While some companies provide a business card template, there are also several apps and platforms that allow you to create and customize your own digital business cards. These include HiHello, Haystack, and Linq. Some have free versions while others may charge a monthly subscription. for Digital Business Card

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