Add a Pop of Style to Your Decor With an LED Cylinder Light

Add a pop of style to your commercial or public space with an LED cylinder light. These sleek fixtures provide both a heightened architectural element and incredible efficiency in one package, making them perfect for a wide range of business types. They’re also a great choice for homes looking to add some elegance to their decor.

The cylinder shape of these lights produces a soft, elegant glow that provides a unique lighting effect. They can be used as uplights for buildings and walkways, as downlights in corridors, or even as wall sconces to highlight furniture and artwork. They’re a popular option for restaurant foyers, as well as in offices and other commercial spaces that need uplighting or downlighting to illuminate specific areas.

Like other Light Items, the Cylinder Light has Position and Rotation controls that allow you to numerically position the item in XYZ space. It also has Radiance, Shadow Type, Samples, and Cylinder Radius and Length controls that let you adjust its properties directly in the 3D viewport. You can also enable Visible to Camera to make the item visible to cameras as opposed to being a reflection or refraction of other objects.

For the best results, we recommend using the Item Transform tool to adjust the length and radius of a Cylinder Light while in the 3D viewport. This will give you a more accurate measurement of the size of the light in real world units. The Radius and Length values are a physical model of the intensity of the light: as you increase the value, the light becomes brighter; conversely, decreasing the value decreases the intensity. The Inverse Distance Squared falloff value is also a physical model of the way the brightness of a light falls off with distance: as you increase the value, the light will be half as bright at twice the distance.

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