Basic Information About the Button Head Bolt

The fastener industry offers many different types of screws, bolts and threaded hardware. But there are some that have unique applications and uses. One of these is the Button Head Bolt. This article will discuss some of the basic information you need to know about this type of fastener.

Socket Button Head Screws
A hex socket button head screw, also known as a dome or rounded head, is a threaded fastener that has a large load bearing surface that resists loosening. They are often used for light duty applications in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, and furniture manufacturing. They can be tightened or loosed using a hexagon-shaped driver, which allows for higher torque specifications than traditional slotted or cross recessed drive machine screws.

They have a low head profile that makes them less likely to snag on moving machinery. They also have a wide bearing surface, which distributes the clamping force evenly across the head to prevent damage or warping of the material that they are fastening. Because of this, they are a good choice for fastening soft materials like wood or plastic.

A hex socket button head screw has a deeper hex recess and thick side walls, which increases their strength and preload rating. The increased strength and preload makes them a good alternative for areas where a traditional Socket Head Cap Screw is unable to be used because of head height restrictions. When installing, it is recommended to follow the suggested torque values to avoid damaging the screw or the piece it is being fastened to. The use of a torque control tool is also highly recommended. Button Head Bolt

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