Build Your Life Resume With Tim Ferriss

IN THIS EPISODE Tim interviews Jesse Itzler – a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and author who is constantly challenging himself with new experiences. From running 100 mile races to managing RUN DMC to inviting a Navy Seal to live in his home and push him to the limits he’s built an incredible “life resume” he wants to share with others. His unwavering mindset and sense of urgency are what propels him forward into new experiences that most would find intimidating.

During this interview he shares the process of creating what he calls a life resume – not the traditional resume you might use to apply for a job but a resume of all the meaningful and worthwhile accomplishments that are in your life right now. He also discusses his Calendar Club program which is a 12-month online coaching program that helps participants to get focused on their goals and push themselves to their full potential.

The “life resume” exercise is a great way to help you feel like you are making progress towards your goals. You start with your desired outcome, or in resume parlance an objective, and then work backwards through the experiences you need to have (similar to how a real resume is structured). From there you can document the accomplishments you’ve already achieved and use them to build your confidence that you will achieve your goal. Then you can map out future milestones and have a roadmap for how to get there. build your life resume

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