Choosing the right type of funeral service

Choosing funeral services is a very practical reality of life and it is simply best to have it pre-arranged so that no one is at a loss when the time comes. Also, fixing funeral arrangements from before gives the person in question the chance to have his or her say in how they are finally laid to rest.

Funerals are always connected to the person’s religious and cultural beliefs or lack thereof. Therefore, when people choose funeral services from a home, their choice is influenced by the beliefs of the family. Every family differs from one another – their religion, background, financial situation, etc. Based on these preferences, funeral homes offer three main types of funerals.


Although cremation isn’t a traditional Christian funeral, it is a part of various other religions and cultures. Having a direct cremation for the funeral can also be just a matter of choice. Funeral homes that offer cremation as part of their services, cremate the body immediately after death. There is no embalming required. Once the cremation is over, the remains are put in a container, usually an urn and handed over to the family of the deceased. The family can choose to keep the urn, give it a burial, have it placed in a crypt or scatter the ashes itself. In a cremation, there is no provision for visiting or viewing the body.

Direct burial

You can opt for a direct burial while choosing funeral services. As the burial commences very shortly after death, there is no need for embalming. Neither is there time to view the body. The cost of a direct burial isn’t excessive and reasonably priced for the common person. The funeral home charges for transportation and care of the deceased, the casket, the plot or the crypt at the cemetery and its usual service fee. In case the family wants a service at the site of the burial, the funeral home charges extra.

Traditional funeral

A funeral with a full service is referred to as a traditional funeral. This type is the most elaborate you will find while choosing funeral services. Immediately after death, the body is handed over to the funeral home for a wake where the deceased is viewed and visited by family and friends. The home prepares the body by embalming it. They use a hearse to transport the body to the cemetery and arrange for the plot or crypt and the casket. The full service funeral is the most expensive as it includes the cost of many additional services.agenzia funebre roma

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