Dometic Portable Refrigerators

Dometic makes one of the most technologically advanced lines of portable fridges on the market. Their “powered boxes” look like large coolers but have refrigerator compressors built-in to run off DC or AC power, so they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease. Several models have dual-zone options with removable insulated separators for setting different temperatures for a refrigerator and freezer area.

They are known for their quality & durability, and are a favorite cooling unit in mobile applications like RVs & truck campers. Dometic’s products are made to withstand vibrations, harsh conditions, and rough terrain – all while maintaining an efficient use of energy.

Dometic offers a variety of fridge sizes and types including compact drawer fridges, mid-sized fridges, and full size absorption fridges. They also offer a full line of accessories including digital display, interior lighting, and extra USB ports for charging small devices.

A Dometic refrigerator can be a smart addition to any camping adventure. Just make sure to keep it closed while you’re on the road, and check the seals periodically to ensure they are in good condition. A cracked or damaged seal means warmer–and potentially inedible–food.

If you have a Dometic fridge and want to add or replace its compressor, it’s important that the job is done correctly. Improper installation or repairs can void the warranty and can lead to problems down the road. It’s best to work with a certified and licensed gas-fitter. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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