Driving After BBL Surgery

When you get a bbl surgery, most cosmetic surgeons will advise that you stay away from driving for some time. This is because they want the patients to be able to recover fully before they drive again. The reason why is that the fat cells need to have enough blood flow to be able to survive. And when the patient is sitting upright, they would be squishing these cells and this can cause them to die.

Ideally, the patient should have someone around to take them to places for a few weeks after their procedure. This can be very helpful, especially for busy professionals. But if it is not possible to do so, then you should ask for permission from your boss to work from home. This can also help you avoid having to drive while sore and not being able to concentrate.

Driving after bbl surgery can be dangerous, especially if you are not fully healed. It can also lead to complications if you are not following the guidelines of your plastic surgeon. This includes being careful about the pressure that you put on your buttocks, wearing a compression garment, and not sleeping on the buttocks for three weeks after your procedure.

You should also use a pillow to support your back while you are laying down. In addition, you should try to sleep on your back as it evenly distributes the weight of the body. For a while, you should also try not to sit directly on the buttocks and instead straddle the chair or use a rolled towel to reduce the pressure on your buttocks. driving after bbl surgery

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