Fairy Princess Face Painting Design

There are a lot of children and even adults who like to do face painting. It is one way that you can do to make one special occasion more special and enjoyable. One of the coolest designs apt for face painting is the one after that of a princess. Girls will surely love this idea. There are some tips that will guide you in creating this design in the face painting activities that you have at home or anywhere.

The first thing that you need to do is to position the child in a comfortable place. You need to sit in front of her. Try to get the brush that you will use and dip it in water. Rub the brush to the paint that you will use and make sure that it is fully covered with the paint.

You then need to stabilize the child in her position so that you will be able to start painting. Try to draw the outline that you want by starting on the eye area like her eye brows. Make sure that you will let her close her eyes to avoid any injury. Try to draw a diamond on her forehead with her chosen color.

You then need to use a more pale paint such as white. This will surely enhance the overall effect of the design. Try to paint dome designs on the outer part of the eyes. A tea drop design on both sides will surely make her look like a princess. You can also paint some jewels on both sides.

You then draw a long swirl and a hook on the forehead. After, try to paint the lips area to imitate the look of a princess. You can actually use glitters provided that the child is already old enough. Try to maintain safety as much as possible.

There are some simple tips that you can use to be able to do face painting with a princess inspired design. It needs not to be perfect. What is important is that you enjoy doing it and the child appreciates it. Try to remember the tips mentioned. diamond painting zubehör

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