Fenben Powder – A Dewormer For Dogs

Fenben powder is a dewormer used to treat and/or prevent gastrointestinal parasites in dogs. It can be administered orally in a powder form that is mixed with canned food. Fenbendazole is very well tolerated and has few side effects. It can be given as a preventative medication or in addition to other medications as part of a treatment regimen for intestinal parasites.

In some cases, veterinarians may prescribe a compounded version of this drug. Compounded medications are created on an individual basis by a licensed veterinarian or pharmacy technician to best suit your pet’s health needs. Generally, they are recommended when your pets aren’t able to take FDA-approved medications in capsule form, the dose isn’t commercially available or the pet has an allergy to an ingredient in the FDA-approved medication.

This is a laboratory research chemical and is labelled as such for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. This characterization exempts it from regulation under parts 100-740 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This item is only sold with a valid prescription from a veterinarian. fenben powder

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