Fire Fighting Pump

Fire fighting pump are used to provide a high volume of water at a high pressure for fire sprinkler systems, standpipes and foam systems. They are typically connected to a dedicated water supply like a well or reservoir that is set aside for this purpose. This way, the fire pump’s output is not affected by other uses of the building water supplies.

There are two main types of fire fighting pumps: centrifugal and positive displacement. Positive displacement fire pumps use a limited flow of water to generate high pressure by pushing the pressurized water through the discharge line in waves. This type of fire pump is less common, but it is often used with water mist and foam systems.

The majority of fire fighting pumps are centrifugal. These pumps have long been the backbone of fire department pumping apparatus, and they are available in a number of configurations to address the needs of different fire suppression challenges. They can be configured for single-stage or multiple-stage operation, and they may have a single or dual impeller. The size of the impeller determines the pump’s capacity.

Whether you are looking to install an automatic fire suppression system in a commercial or industrial facility, or you want to protect an oil refinery, mining operation or helipad, you can depend on Bianco Vulcan firefighting pumps to meet the challenge. These fire protection pumps offer high performance, easy operation and maintenance and are designed to deliver the water you need, when you need it. fire fighting pump

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