Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care (HSC) is the term given to a range of services that support people to remain healthy, safe and well in their homes. It encompasses all aspects of a person’s everyday life, from their diet to their ability to access healthcare and community-based social activities. HSC is a broad discipline, and you may choose to study it at school, college, university or as part of a vocational course (such as carework).

You have a right to health and social care, and if you are unsure what this means for you, your local authority will assess your needs and prepare a care plan. This plan should outline the level of support that you require and the type of care you need. If you think your rights have been breached, you can complain to the Care Quality Commission.

A growing body of evidence shows that social risk factors—such as inadequate housing, lack of affordable transportation, and insufficient food—can prevent individuals from accessing medical services. These risk factors also drive up healthcare costs. To address them, integrated care efforts have focused on providing healthcare organizations with incentives and flexibility to integrate social services into their operational models.

Jon Glasby’s book examines the cultural, historical, and political forces that influence policy-making at the intersection of health and social care. It challenges conventional thinking that conveniently conceptualizes these areas as separate, self-contained spheres of funding, provision, and research. Instead, Glasby argues that they are part of a continuum that requires effective inter-agency coordination and distribution of responsibilities. health and social care

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