Home Theater Systems Canada

Home Theater Systems Canada

The right home theatre system can bring your media to life, making you feel like you are in the movie or TV show. With the latest in surround sound technology and HDTVs, you can easily create a home cinema setup that will make your entertainment experience better than ever before. The best home theater systems Canada include speakers that deliver true surround sound for the most immersive audio experience available. Whether you are watching hockey and want to hear every puck hit the ice or kicking back with a good movie, you can find a home cinema system that fits your budget and home.

A traditional component home theater system consists of a large flat screen high-resolution HDTV (or one of our top picks for 4K televisions), video sources and a home cinema receiver with speakers. The video sources typically include a Blu-ray player and a smart set-top box that supports streaming content. The home theater receiver can have anywhere from two channels and a power amplifier for stereo sound to 5.1 channel audio amplifiers with five or more speakers for true surround sound. The system may also include a subwoofer for deep bass.

Unlike all-in-one systems or sound bars, a traditional home theater system will contain matched speakers and a receiver that will work well together. This ensures that the system will have a consistent and cohesive sound, so we recommend selecting all of the speakers from the same brand to keep a consistent sonic balance. This is especially important for the centre speaker, which should be from the same range as the rest of the speakers in the system.

Most of our recommendations for home theater systems will have between five and seven speakers. However, we do have a few options with only four speakers and an AV receiver for those who don’t need all the surround sound features. We have also included a number of soundbars that are great for those who don’t need all the power of a full home theatre system, but still want an immersive sound experience.

While we do recommend getting the best home theater system for music, it is worth noting that most music is mixed for only two channels – left and right – to create a stereo image. Using a five or seven speaker system to play music is a bit like using the motor out of a Ferrari to power your lawnmower – it’s fun, but it’s not really useful.

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