How a Mold Remediation Specialist Works

When you have a problem with mould it isn’t as simple as just wiping away the surface and carrying on as normal. This is because mould spores are airborne and can recur even after the visible problem is gone. Having a professional mould remediation specialist come out and deal with the issue in a way that prevents it from returning will ensure you have peace of mind that your health is protected.

A mould remediation specialists first step will be to assess the problem, taking a look at what has been affected and if any further steps are required. They may also test the mold levels for confirmation (or pre-testing if the situation is a property purchase/sale).

Once a clear understanding of the situation has been established, the remediation process will begin. Often times this will include sealing off the work area with plastic sheeting to prevent mold spores from becoming dispersed throughout the home. Then the air in the work area will be cleaned using HEPA air scrubbers or negative air machines to eliminate spores, dust, and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC’s) in the air.

After the affected areas are cleaned, any porous building materials that have been contaminated will be discarded and replaced with new materials. The contaminated materials are often sprayed with an antimicrobial agent that will help inhibit further growth, as well as a fungicide to kill any existing spores. This is done to make sure the spores are completely eradicated and that no further growth will occur. mould remediation specialist

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