How to Create Beautiful Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art is a dynamic medium that allows anyone — young, old, beginner, expert– to explore different textures and techniques. This artistic technique utilizes coiled paper to create intricate designs and images, as well as messages. The artist wraps a strip of paper around a tool to create a curl, which is then pinched into shape. The result is a 3D design that adds visual interest to anything from a birthday card to an elegant wedding invitation.

One of the great things about paper quilling is that it can be done anywhere. The artist can work on a table, a desk or even the floor! It can be a relaxing activity as the repetitive motion of coiling paper helps to soothe the mind. It’s also a fun and creative way to elevate everyday items like cards, gift boxes or envelopes.

Depending on what you are creating, it is helpful to have some sort of template or pattern to follow. This can be downloaded from the internet or found in quilling kits, and it can help to establish what shapes you will need. It is also helpful to use a circle sizing board, which has holes of various sizes that will help you to roll your strips into consistent shapes.

The color choices you make will also influence your finished piece. You can use contrasting colors to make your designs pop or blend in similar shades for a more soothing and subtle effect. Another popular choice is to use graduated papers, which have a solid color that fades into a lighter shade. Paper Quilling Art

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