How to Transfer Bitcoin to PayPal

The Bitcoin-related services which PayPal has announced are fairly limited. They do not allow you to buy and sell bitcoins within your PayPal account nor can you send crypto from one wallet to another (the only thing you can do is use your cryptocurrencies as funding sources for PayPal payments). Instead, you can only transfer them outside of PayPal to a cryptocurrency exchange like eToro or Coinbase or into a personal blockchain wallet where you can then use it to spend that crypto.

This is good news for those who have a large stash of crypto on an exchange but would prefer to keep their coins in an offline wallet which can be used anywhere. However, there are a few things to consider before you decide to do this. Firstly, you will need to liquidate your position on the exchange before you can transfer your Bitcoin to your wallet. This can take a few days and will incur a withdrawal fee of about $5. You also need to consider how secure it is to keep your Bitcoins on an exchange and whether you are comfortable with a third party having access to your private key.

You will also want to be aware that some platforms have limits on how much you can buy per transaction. Finally, you should always make sure to keep records of your transactions as this is important for tax purposes and in case of any fraud. transfer bitcoin to paypal

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