Louisiana DUI Laws

Louisiana is one of 42 states that have implemented the administrative license suspension rule (ALR). This means your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked if your officer determines you are above the BAC limit or refuses to take a breath or blood test. This happens prior to a conviction and is separate from traditional DUI judicial conviction penalties.

The state of louisiana has a legal alcohol level of 0.08% for those over 21 years old. The state also has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drivers. The officer will use a variety of testing methods to measure your BAC. You are required by Louisiana’s Implied Consent law to submit to these tests and refusing will result in your arrest.

A first offense carries a maximum jail term of 6 months and a 90-day license suspension. Second offenses are treated as misdemeanors, and third or subsequent convictions are felony charges. A felony conviction also carries a longer prison sentence.

A qualified dwi lawyer can help you fight your case and possibly avoid a license suspension. It is important to get an attorney as soon as possible after your arrest. A skilled attorney can request an administrative hearing with the DMV within 15 days of your arrest to try to keep your driving privileges. An attorney who has experience with these types of hearings is the best option for a successful outcome. If the attorney is successful in getting your license reinstated, you will need to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you drive and file SR22 insurance with the DMV. louisiana dwi laws

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