Make a Great Career in The Hospitality Industry With The Online Hospitality Courses

A variety of hospitality courses are offered by RTO’s i.e. registered training organizations that are nationally recognized. However, it is the sole responsibility of the learners to check the course contents first as well as updated information, if any; before getting enrolled. AOT, Accredited Online Training organisation based out of Queensland is one of the best online training organisation that offers discounted hospitality courses such as the nationally recognised RSA online and RSG online courses. The online RSA course i.e. Responsible Service for Alcohol is valid for work in QLD, WA, SA, and NT while the RSG online course is recognised in Queensland only.

Overview of the Online Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

The hospitality industry is somewhat exciting and really fun to work for. Gainful employment is possible, provided a person gets well-acquainted on various topics such as: Consumer safety, how to deal with intoxicated persons, alcohol facts, dangers involved in serving alcohol to individuals who are unfit for its consumption such as minors, how to deal with strange customers, and the rules and regulations involved in the sale of alcohol.

The RSA certificate offered by AOT is compulsory for everyone who wants to sell alcohol in licensed premises in Queensland. Serving alcohol becomes possible once a person acquires this certificate from a registered RTO like Accredited Online Training organisation.

Getting enrolled to the online course is easy as the students get all the help required during the course duration from industry experts. The user friendly course can be accessed with a simple mouse click, wherein, learners can begin the course by paying the fee prescribed for it. Once done, learners can start the online course with the unique username and password which is sent to them at the time of registration and complete the course in 3 hours. Upon completion, certificate can be printed immediately and sent away to the employers to get better employment opportunities. The online RSA course helps to broaden their work opportunities, as employers give preference to the individuals who possess a proper accreditation.

Overview of the Online Responsible Service of Gambling Course

The RSG certificate enables individuals to work in the premises that own gaming machines. The gaming area made available in venues and places like casinos, hotels, motels and clubs usually require professionals certified with RSG certification. In fact, the certificate has been made mandatory to individuals who look forward to work in licensed premises in Queensland, Australia, that involve implementation of gaming duties and various other related tasks. For example, how to minimize the harms involved the industry while offering the services, how to detect and deal with the problematic traits of the gamblers. Course content of the online responsible service for alcohol course helps the learners to learn about the relevance of the course in the industry. DEWASLOT

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