Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Modern kitchen design often features clean lines and a sleek aesthetic. This style may not be as bold as some, but it isn’t afraid to play with texture or color. A favorite kitchen trend is the use of contrasting counter materials to add visual interest and to create a sense of depth.

For example, this modern kitchen features a black countertop that makes a statement next to white cabinets and stone flooring. Other modern kitchen trends include the use of horizontal lines and open shelving to highlight ceiling height. This modern kitchen also focuses on using natural textures such as wood to add warmth to the room. Adding accent colors like purple counter stools or a colorful floor runner are fun ways to add personality to your modern kitchen.

Slab-door styles, also known as shaker door styles, are a key element of modern kitchen design. They feature flat cabinet doors with minimal hardware and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Modern slab door designs are also becoming available with a narrower shaker profile that’s both stylish and functional.

A back kitchen, or scullery, is a popular modern kitchen idea. The tucked-away space conceals appliances, cleaning supplies and dishes. It’s a practical solution for busy families who want to keep their main living spaces free of clutter.

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