Moroccan Tiles – Add a Touch of Exoticism to Your Home

Moroccan tiles are a great way to add a sense of exoticism to any design project. These beautifully textured floor and wall tiles are often hand made, by skilled Artisans who have learnt their trade from generation to generation. The lusciously handmade texture of these tiles makes them unique and instantly recognisable with small chips, undulations and a deeply saturated finish that creates a wonderful variation in colour across each tile. Authentically handmade Moroccan tiles are often expensive, due to the time and craftsmanship that goes into each individual tile. However, there are now a number of great quality Moroccan tile options available that can be found at lower prices.

Orientbell Tiles offer a wide range of Moroccan tiles, including both glazed and unglazed options. Our collection includes a number of Moroccan cement tile styles, perfect for both walls and floors. We also offer a number of patterned Moroccan tiles, ideal for giving a feature wall in your home a splash of colour or for creating a stunning tiled stairwell.

These tiles are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, living area or bedroom. Their intricacy and bold design are a real talking point that will transform your space into a true stand out. The Moroccan style is particularly popular in the modern home, and it’s easy to see why. The geometric patterns and rich colours are perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Authentic Moroccan tile designs have been created since the 10th century, when they were first introduced to Europe through the Moorish architecture of the Al-Andalus period. The tiles were originally created using a mix of mosaic pieces that were then laid out in repeating patterns. This art form was highly favoured by the Moorish artists and became a staple of ancient Moroccan design.

As time moved on, the Moorish artist’s designs evolved and new colours were added to the mix. This allowed for more complex design features to be incorporated into the Moroccan style, such as star polygon shapes mixed with other geometric forms.

These days, Moroccan tiles are widely used in homes across the world. They are a fantastic choice for any room in the house, but we particularly love them in kitchens and bathrooms. The Moroccan style is perfectly suited to both modern and rustic designs, and it’s no surprise that this versatile tile is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK.

Although the style is sometimes perceived as trendy, it’s been around for hundreds of years and is likely to stay in fashion for a long time to come. It is a versatile style that can be used in many different types of homes, from the most modern of apartments to the most rustic of farmhouse designs.

We love the Moroccan style when it is paired with a more contemporary style of tile, as seen in this gorgeous bathroom from AE Interiors. The patterned Moroccan tiles work wonderfully with the beadboard vanity and soft palette of this design.

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