Non-Conducting Thermal Paste

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want to binge-watch your favorite shows without your laptop turning into a frying pan, Non-conductive thermal paste is essential for keeping your system cool. It ensures that the excess heat generated by your CPU and GPU is transferred to the metal heat sink and dissipated. This helps avoid overheating, which is not only annoying but can lead to permanent damage and abnormal circuit operation.

The best non-conductive thermal pastes are made of silicon and powdered metal oxides such as zinc oxide. They are electrically non-conductive and therefore do not pose a risk of short circuits, unlike liquid metal compounds. However, it takes a lot of focus and attention to apply them correctly. A drop of liquid metal on the wrong spot could easily fry your entire motherboard.

Liquid metal thermal compounds are a different beast altogether. They are electrically conductive and can cause damage to your computer if they leak. They also require a higher level of skill and attention to apply, as they need to be placed precisely between the two surfaces.

A few of the top options are Gelid GC-Extreme, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Arctic MX-6. These have been recommended by many users as they are easy to work with and offer a good level of stability during application, resisting the temptation to drip or run. Other popular choices include the ceramic-based Noctua NT-H1, Tuniq TX-4 and carbon-based Arctic MX-5, all of which have proven longevity with long lifespans.

Non-conductive thermal paste

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