Premier Broadcasting and Premier League Football

NBC Sports continues to connect with soccer fans through traditional (NBC Sports Network, USA Network) and new (Peacock) platforms. Authenticity and production innovation drive record-setting audience engagement.

If firms bought Premier League rights in the upstream market for a lump sum, fierce downstream competition could result in supra-normal profits being competed away and the benefits from the premium programming captured by consumers.

Why Premier?

Premier League football is coveted by broadcasters across the globe in a multi-billion pound market. But the way that English top flight clubs are being sold is a source of growing frustration among supporters and broader concerns over how the model serves fans.

As a result, some have taken to illegal streaming in a move that highlights the need for change. But the problem here is not that of piracy, but rather a broadcasting model that has produced a premium priced product that often fails to deliver on its promises.

Ultimately, it is possible that the Premier League will try to address these problems by taking control of its own content. Creating an effective ‘Premflix’ model would require new media rights negotiations and getting rid of the Saturday blackout, but if it were to succeed in its aim of distributing money more evenly across the clubs it could become a real game-changer. But that will require the league to take a leap of faith and let go of old models.

Streaming & Recording

Premier League clubs are in a unique position to create an in-house streaming service. This is what the NBA, MLB, NFL and Formula 1 have done – all while ensuring that season ticket holders can still watch their teams play live on free-to-air TV.

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Support & Training

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Jarle Leirpoll is a filmmaker, editor and Adobe Master trainer based in Norway. Jeff Greenberg is a production professional, a consultant, and the author of Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques. Maxim Jago is a French filmmaker, producer and Adobe Premiere Pro Master trainer. Ian Robinson is a broadcast motion designer and regular Adobe MAX trainer based in Silverthorne, Colorado.

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