Safely Welding in a Manufacturing Company

You may have just gotten the job you have been looking for which is welding within a manufacturing company. Perhaps you need a refresher course on safely welding in a manufacturing company. Either way always weld safely as accidents can be dire.

Before you start welding, of course you want to put on all of your safety gear. You will need flame retardant clothing that covers every bit of your skin. You may use rubber bands around the cuffs of your wrists and ankles to protect yourself even further. (Especially if the cuffs are loose.) Wear an arc safety mask that will cover your head, face and protect your eyes with the 100% protection from UV rays. Put on your welding gloves and work boots and you are ready to weld once you know the items below are taken care of. Never skimp on any of the above gear to save money. You need the appropriate attire to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Check out the equipment you will be using. Make sure it is in good shape. Do not use any valves or hoses that have leaks. To find out if you have any leaks you can mix one part dish soap to one part water. If there are any bubbles you know you have a leak or multiple leaks. Make sure you or your boss replaces any of the damaged equipment before you begin to use it.

If you have a door or window near you open them up so that you have good ventilation. Any exhaust fans near you should be opened up as well for added ventilation.

Look around the area you will be welding. Are there rags, trash and a filled trashcan, cardboard or any other types of items that could easily ignite? If so, clear them out your area as a safety precaution. Always make sure that there is a fire extinguisher near your work area. As you know, once a spark hits an item and ignites it can flare up extremely quick.

Try to move welding tanks as infrequently as possible. The tanks should be upright and securely hooked onto the welding cart.

Another great tip is to have an assistant in the room. This person can learn how to turn off the torch, shut off the tanks and use a fire extinguisher. You will have peace of mind knowing that someone else is there to help you in case you have an emergency.

When it is time to open up the valves on the welding regulator make sure you stand back. You should always keep a wrench attached to the acetylene valve in case of an emergency and you need to shut off the valve quickly. Each time you finish up your welding job make sure you turn off the acetylene first and then the oxygen second. welding hose manufacturers

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