Steroids Thailand – Buying Steroids in Thailand

Using steroids to get bigger and stronger can lead to serious health problems including a risk of heart disease, kidney damage and a range of sexual and fertility issues. It is also illegal in most countries, and can carry severe criminal penalties. While some athletes are able to overcome the side effects of steroid use, others can suffer long-term consequences such as infertility and breast growth in men. Many people who have used steroids regret their decision once they are old enough to know what they’ve done to their body.

Steroids are a synthetic hormone that instruct your body to increase muscle size and strength. They are often abused for recreational purposes, but they can be prescribed by doctors for the treatment of specific diseases.

Australia has some of the world’s strictest laws when it comes to the importation and possession of performance and image enhancing drugs, and illegally possessing them can lead to prison. But despite the risks, a growing number of amateur bodybuilders are heading to Thailand for so-called “steroid vacations” where they can buy drugs that would be illegal in their home country at a fraction of the price.

In the seedy beachside town of Pattaya, pharmacies proudly advertise the names of anabolic steroids in their window displays. Sixty capsules of Andriol, a type of testosterone that comes in tablet form, cost only 840 baht, about a quarter of what they sell for online. Similarly, a 30-day supply of the injectable drug Testoviron costs less than half what it does in Australia. Steroids Thailand

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