The Benefits of Custom Wardrobes

When working with a professional wardrobe designer, storage spaces are meticulously planned out and designed to suit specific garments, shoes, accessories and personal items. The result is a built-in wardrobe that offers maximum functionality and efficiency while enhancing a bedroom’s aesthetics.

Unlike pre-fabricated closets, which often clash with a room’s style and finishes, custom wardrobes are explicitly designed for the space that they will occupy. Moreover, they can be fully integrated with the rest of a bedroom’s furnishings, ensuring that a consistent flow is achieved throughout a space.

A bespoke wardrobe also allows you to dictate the layout of storage elements, from the height of hanging rails to the arrangement of drawers and shelves. You can even choose the raw materials, finishes and hardware, giving you a chance to create a wardrobe that perfectly aligns with your bedroom style.

One of the main advantages of a fitted wardrobe is that it can be designed to incorporate pull-out accessories, such as tie racks, belt racks, valet rods and shoe shelving units. This makes it easier to store and find all of your belongings in a way that’s most convenient for you.

A bespoke wardrobe can be designed with deep cabinetry to store laundry and bulky items, such as duvets, blankets, pillows and bed sheets. It can also include drawers and hanging storage that’s designed to fit shoes, bags, purses and jewellery. This kind of storage can make it much easier to reach and find your favourite accessories, while preventing them from getting damaged or misplaced in the back of your wardrobe. custom wardrobes

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