The Best Flake Ice Machine For Restaurants and Bars

Flake ice machine can produce an ample supply of soft, chewable nuggets in no time, which is ideal for home bar setups or large parties. However, not all machines are created equal, and finding the right one can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, including how much you plan on using it and what type of ice you prefer. Luckily, our experts have tested several machines on the market and found that the best flake ice machine is the Ice O’Matic ICE-O-MATIC BLUE, which can make up to nine nuggets per minute. This machine is designed for easy use and features a convenient water fill funnel, operation board with LED indicators, and an internal insulated ice storage section to preserve the quality of your ice.

The best flake ice machine for restaurants will be built for long-lasting durability to withstand the heavy rigors of high volume commercial use. These durable machines are constructed with sturdy stainless steel exteriors and come equipped with durable, high-quality components to help prevent breakdowns and simplify maintenance. They also have a small footprint that allows them to fit easily into tight spaces where larger commercial machines can’t. Some models are even portable, making them easier to move from place to place as needed.

Aside from being an excellent choice for seafood bars and buffets, the moldable property of flake ice makes it a favorite for food presentation settings. The ice helps create eye-catching displays of shellfish and other items for customers, helping to drive sales for foodservice establishments. Additionally, flake ice is perfect for keeping cold products like produce and fresh meats cool and free from blemishes.

Flake ice is also an ideal choice for mixing drinks in bars. The soft, chewable ice can be blended quickly and easily, which reduces prep time for bartenders. In addition, it won’t damage blenders like traditional ice cubes can, which is great for bars that serve cocktails and other beverages that require blending.

Another benefit of flake ice is that it helps keep drink ingredients and bottles upright while serving, a common problem in many bars. This helps increase productivity and efficiency for staff, and it’s especially helpful in bars that specialize in frozen drinks.

There are two types of flake ice machines available: head-only units and self-contained models. Head-only units are just the maker, without a bin, while self-contained machines combine both the maker and ice bin into a single unit. These units can produce anywhere from 182 to 772 pounds of ice daily, depending on the model you choose. The higher production levels of a self-contained model are ideal for large catering and medical facilities.

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