The Daughters of Elder Care

We have all heard the old African saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” It expresses some things that we can all easily accept: family values,

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 shared responsibility, community spirit. But where is that same spirit when it comes to caring for our elderly?

Typically, all the responsibility falls on one adult child, normally the daughter.

The adult daughter cares for children, spouse and an older adult relative while maintaining a career. What about caring for the needs of the caregiver?

Her needs are often ignored and trivialized by community, physicians, employers, other family and society in general.

Family caregivers faced with a landscape much different from the one commonly accepted and assumed by society suffer guilt and exhaustion while attempting to ‘do it all’.

“Families have never done this with such complicated medical treatment and the kind of economic pressures this brings today,” says Carol Leving, director of the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care project in New York City. “In the old days, people got better or they died.”

Caregivers often times have higher health risks than those they care for. Severe depression, anxiety, substance abuse, severe anger and stress-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and infectious diseases are highly common.

Quality Care Options Community of Resources is the village that you and your loved ones can turn to. Services, resources and support for both the older adult and the family caregiver are available. Quality Care Options strives to assist the entire family by making our service a one-call solution, saving you time, money and stress.

These excerpts from letters sent to QCO tell the story much better than I can …

“We had less than a day to locate a rehabilitation facility for my father-in-law. We were familiar with nursing homes in Alliance, but not in our Cleveland area, which is where he wanted to be. I came across your yellow page ad, liked the name, ‘Quality Care Options’, and then went to your web site. I felt relieved after speaking with Barbara.

The follow up service was great. There were a few concerns, Barbara acted on our family’s behalf, and everything worked out well. I am recommending QCO to everyone, including my friends and my pastor. Thanks again.”
Nancy V., Cleveland Ohio

“I am so grateful for QCO. I thought I would have to miss work in order to find services for my mom. I was a little hesitant at first, but the folks at QCO were great. They listened, I mean, really listened. They found the perfect home care company for my mom and continue to check up on us. I can’t believe we were lucky enough to find them.”
Sandy R., Atlanta GA

“Quality Care Options is using innovative ideas to greatly benefit seniors, their families and the facilities and caregivers that serve them. I talk with dozens of people everyday who have the same goals as Quality Care Options, but I have yet to meet anyone with a business model as good as this one!

QCO has managed to provide placement services and advocacy at an extremely low cost to seniors and their families, while providing a huge incentive for caregivers and homes to join QCO’s network. It all equates to a sound business model that gets right to the heart of what we are all trying to do, make life better for our senior citizens. home care montreal

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