The Importance of Flexibility Training

Flexibility training increases the movement of muscles and joints through a full range of motion (ROM). This can help reduce muscle tightness, improve posture and balance and increase functional capacity such as reaching, stooping and bending. It can also decrease the risk of injury. Flexibility is an important component of fitness and can be incorporated into all exercise types and programs.

Traditionally, stretching was thought to be the foundation of flexibility training. This is still true, but it is not the only element. A ballerina, tennis player or martial artist will tell you that stretches alone cannot make you more flexible. The key to increased flexibility is consistent practice of the proper stretches and movements, as well as the use of correct technique. A personal trainer can help you develop a program that will best suit your needs.

Why is flexibility training important?

Flexibility exercises can help you reach your goals of increasing strength, burning fat or simply feeling better. Muscles that are stiff may not move well and can lead to injuries such as hamstring or back injuries. Flexibility training can also prevent joint pain. For example, when you do lower body exercises such as squats and lunges, it is common for the hamstrings and hip flexors to be stretched out to a point of being quite rigid. This can put a lot of stress on the lower back muscles which may become strained over time. A flexibility training program will correct these imbalances and reduce the strain on the lower back muscles.

A good program will incorporate the different aspects of flexibility training such as static, dynamic and active exercises to include stretches for all major muscle groups, as well as breathing exercises and plyometric (short bursts of high-intensity exercises) exercises that will help improve mobility and ROM and enhance balance and agility. It is important to note that flexibility training should be performed before and after cardio or strength workouts rather than during the cardiovascular or muscular endurance exercises themselves as this can lead to injury.

Flexibility is a crucial part of a well-rounded exercise regimen and can be enjoyed by all exercisers from the very young to the elderly. Adding a flexibility program to your routine will improve your ability to perform daily activities, work and play and can even help you avoid discomfort when confined in a small space for long periods of time such as a plane flight or meeting. Flexibel träning

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