What Does Show in Shared With You Mean on iPhone?

What Does Show in Shared With You Mean on iPhone?

Shared with you

On the iPhone, certain applications display content shared with you in a Shared With You section. Examples include Music, Apple TV, News, Photos and Podcasts. Within those apps you can reply to shared items as well, letting them know your opinion of their song, news article or podcast.

However, if you don’t wish to see any of the content that others share with you, you can disable it. Do this by touching and holding on the thumbnail for that item (e.g., News article or podcast). Some apps offer different options for doing this so be sure to read each app’s instructions carefully beforehand.

iOS 15 introduces Live Text, which enables you to take screenshots of anything with text in it, like written notes, bills, recipes or business cards. With this useful feature you can save a copy for later use or send it on. However, in order to take a screenshot you must double-tap the back of your iPhone – something which requires extra time!

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