What is Private Live in Carers?

Private live in Carers enable older people or adults with a long-term illness to stay at home and receive care from a dedicated, professional, full-time Caregiver. It’s a new standard of care, and we offer both long-term live-in carers and short-term respite care to help provide support at times when someone may be ill or recovering from a surgery or hospital stay.

The benefits of Private live in Carers are clear. Carers are matched to their client’s needs and provide companionship, daily support and a helping hand, enabling their clients to continue doing the things they enjoy. Families also benefit from knowing their loved ones are supported by a Care Professional who is living in the house with them, helping with meals and cleaning.

Many clients develop friendships with their Carers, and many find they are appreciative of the company and care provided and go on days out together. Carers themselves often have a very rewarding experience of working as a carer, bringing a real sense of purpose and achievement to their role.

There are three ways to arrange Private live in Carers – privately (making an informal arrangement or hiring directly), using an introduction agency or a fully managed agency such as Edyn Care. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to consider your preferred route before getting started. Whichever option you choose, make sure your carer has a room in the house that’s suitable for their use. It doesn’t have to be a bedroom, but it should be a comfortable space and easy for them to access. It’s a good idea to lock away any valuables, especially cash or jewellery. Private live in Carers

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