What is the PGDL?

PGDL is a law conversion course designed for career changers and grads who want to become lawyers. It typically takes a year to complete and requires a lot of reading and critical analysis. It’s an intensive course and success depends on the amount of time you spend outside the classroom preparing.

There are both online and in-person PGDL courses available. Both have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. Online PGDL courses are cheaper than in-person ones, but the social aspect of studying with your peers and lecturers can be missing. Additionally, if you have a busy life or work, the flexibility of an online course may not be suitable for you.

The PGDL is usually studied on its own, or alongside the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). The four Inns of Court offer scholarships that cover both the PGDL and the BPTC. Generally, scholarships are awarded to students who have an exceptional record of academic achievement and a commitment to the law.

You can apply for a PGDL course if you have a non-law degree, but you’ll need to meet the entry requirements of each institution you’re interested in. These may include a minimum grade of 2:2 and a professional or personal reference. It’s also important to evaluate whether you can afford the cost of the course – particularly in London. The PGDL is competitive and law firms and chambers will often be looking for those with distinctions. PGDL

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