What Is Work From Home?

Work from Home (WFH) is a flexible work arrangement that allows an employee to do their job from home. With the right tools in place — like video chat, remote desktop access, authenticator apps, and secure document sharing platforms — this kind of arrangement can allow for greater productivity without disrupting an employee’s schedule.

A remarkable 58 percent of employed respondents across gender, ethnicity, age, and education and income levels report that they have the option to work from home during at least some part of their week. These numbers are even higher during the COVID-19 pandemic, a clear indication that flexibility is an essential aspect of many people’s jobs and lifestyles.

Working from home also offers perks to employees who might not be able to commute, such as those with young children or disabilities, or who live far from their employer’s headquarters. This means that companies are able to reach a much wider pool of talent when offering the opportunity for employees to work from home.

However, WFH can come with its own challenges for both employers and employees. Some of the most significant obstacles that can arise include distractions and a lack of structure that leads to issues like overworking or difficulty disconnecting from work. Providing some form of routine can help, as can regular communication with teams and supervisors to ensure that projects are progressing as expected. WFH can also lead to feelings of isolation, so it’s important that a remote worker can find ways to break up their day with some type of social interaction. Work from Home

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