What Plumbers and Contractors Need to Know About PEX Al Pex Pipe

We have been selling pex al pex pipe for quite some time now and it is gaining in popularity among contractors. Mostly because it is a lot cheaper than copper and easier to work with. There are a few things that plumbers and contractors need to know about this type of tubing before they purchase it.

PEX-AL is an extruded polyethylene pipe that has an aluminum layer bonded between the inner and outer layers of the tube. The aluminum layer helps prevent oxygen penetration into the pipe system. PEX-AL also has higher pressure ratings than regular PEX and is more resistant to kinking. It is a great option for closed-loop hydronic plumbing, radiant heating and snow melting systems.

Unlike traditional airline copper piping, PEX-AL is compliant with the lead free requirements of the USP. It is also a good choice for potable water in residential plumbing applications.

We stock PEX-AL in all sizes and coil lengths. You can use any standard crimp or compression fittings on it. These fittings can be purchased anywhere you normally buy pvc or copper fittings. The only difference is that you will need a tool to crimp or compress these fittings, the same as you would for copper or pvc.

This tubing is becoming more popular with plumbers who want to cut costs, since it can be clocked or unclocked, much like pvc. It also installs faster than black iron tubing, and requires fewer fittings. It is more durable than pvc, and it has a lower temperature range than copper, so it can be used for hot water baseboards and radiator systems. pex al pex pipe

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