Why Choose an Oil Filled Radiator?

As opposed to dry heaters, which use solid substances to heat the air, oil filled radiators absorb and store heat energy from their surroundings. They then release that warmth into the room via convection and thermal radiation. The result is a comfortable and effective way to keep your home warm without driving up electricity bills.

They’re a great option for large rooms with plenty of wall space, as they can distribute warmth evenly across the entire room. In addition, they have excellent heat retention properties which help to reduce your electric bills by limiting the amount of electricity needed to keep them at a comfortable temperature.

Because they don’t operate at high pressures like central heating systems, it can take a while for them to heat up completely and spread the warmth throughout your home. However, once they do, they’re very efficient at staying warm and they have slow cool down properties which ensure you enjoy a comfortable environment for longer.

Our collection of oil filled radiators includes a range of styles and colours, so you can find the perfect heater to match your decor. From smooth front panel radiators such as the Yali Parada Plus, to more creative designs including the Epok and Impulse E electric radiators, you’ll find an array of different options to suit your home. All our electric radiators come fully assembled and ready to install, which makes them the easiest way to add stylish heat to your home. oil filled radiator

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