Womens Suits For Every Occasion

Womens suits are the set of outerwear garments for ladies that consists of a jacket and trousers. They are available in many colors and designs to fit any occasion or style. Womens suits are designed with lapels, pockets and belts. These garments are made of cotton, silk or wool to keep the ladies warm.

Whether you’re headed to the office or out for a date night, a Womens suit will make sure that you look chic and confident all evening long. It’s also a great choice for a formal event like a wedding or the theatre.

If you’re looking for a more feminine take on the suit, try something with floral patterns and lighter fabrics like linen or cotton. These suits are breathable and will not wrinkle as easily as pure wool or textured plaids. They’re also often machine washable.

The Womens suit saw a brief lull in popularity after WWII as women sought a return to traditional domestic roles with nipped waists and full skirts. However, by the 1980s women were making waves in the workforce and Georgio Armani championed oversized suit silhouettes with androgynous shoulder pads to create the iconic power suit.

You can give a classic pinstripe suit a modern twist with a pair of sleek satin heels and a polished leather shoulder bag like fashion week regular Tamu McPherson. Or, opt for a more relaxed silhouette with a striped corduroy suit, like Nanushka’s ‘Giedre’ style that was seen on the streets of New York this fall. Womens suits

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