5 Helpful YouTube Analytics Tools Currently in Market

Though YouTube provides sufficient tools to analyze, there is still a room for improvement in terms of competitive analysis, community engagement, and generating effective metadata. Lets check some of the popular tools in the market right now that will help you to grow your YouTube channel1. Vidooly:Vidooly.com is a big Video data engine that helps content creators, brands & MCNs to maximize their  YouTube organic views build an audience base & earn more revenue.  Their intelligent video analytics dashboard offers various functions such as video tag suggestions, search term analysis, competitor analysis, subscriber behavior analysis and audience management system with complete support from the best account managers. 2. Fanbridge: This YouTube marketing software helps you to grow your fan base by monetizing the fan relationships and provide a new feature called fan incentives. Their email campaigns feature helps users to send mass email,creating templates,geotargeting, embed video thumbnails, and automatic event inclusion. 3. Vidiq: With a chrome extension enabled, this YouTube analytics software can help you to leverage your video marketing strategy and helps in finding crisp YouTube statistics. Vidiq has collaborated with hootsuite’s dashboard. With the price range of $79 per month, this YouTube Analytics tool will provide you measure up to 20 videos/month.  4. Tubetoolbox: It is a downloadable software that automates your marketing objectives and run in your desktop’s background. Just like YouTube’s analytical approach, Spider Search will help you to gather users depending on age, interests, and location. You can have this YouTube analytics software cycle through the all the visible pages in your browser and can add additional filtering based on your community. This is a great tool if you want a YouTube analytic software running in your computer. 5. Tubetrackr: Using this YouTube marketing software, you can grow your YouTube channel and optimize with their toolbox. You can fix what’s not optimized and build your strengths. Their website provides you the option to find your influencers to collaborate with and find videos where you can add a link. Their tool box costs $147 as a one time fee, but can monitor only three videos. These five are the best marketing tools available in the market currently. Utilize them and create the best video marketing strategy for your YouTube channel in order to maximize your estimated view time and generate more revenue.increase youtube views

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