Ageless Beauty: With or Without Surgery

Loose skin, ulthera transducer saggy cheeks and wrinkled faces, all of these appear as time goes by. These are the effects of time and aging that everyone want to conceal. Everyone desires to stay young and look young. But for this to be achieved, people have to find ways to suppress the effects of time on their faces. Throughout history, countless products and procedures were formulated to achieve that one goal. Today, a wide range of beauty products and surgeries are available to the public.

Why the Need for Surgery?

In today’s market, countless beauty products are surfacing. Many companies created new beauty products to satisfy the longing of the people for long-lasting beauty. There’s also a wide range of “natural” beauty products introduced yearly in the market, claiming that it can yield many splendid results. For many years, these products were used to gain that youth beauty that many desired. Aside from being easy to use, these products have little to no side effects, granted that it was consulted before use. But facing the facts, even all of these won’t solve the aging problem everyone goes through. Even the most brilliant formulated products have limited effects that wear out eventually. In response to this, people tried a more direct and permanent approach in gaining youthful beauty. Experts devised surgical operations to achieve younger looking appearance. Although surgical operations offered longer lasting effect, it may have a downside.

Surgical Operations: Long-lasting, but is it safe?

Because surgical operations offered more permanent effects, it became popular throughout the world. Well-known people, such as celebrities, are known to gone through these operations. Specialist in cosmetic surgery devised a lot of procedures that can remove that hinders to gain youthful beauty. For a certain area of the body, there is a corresponding procedure that will fix the problem. Most of the commonly known surgical procedures targets saggy and loose skin. Effective as it may be, but it still has a downside.

First of all, not all surgeries are completely successful. What people expected to be better, sometimes had gone bad to worse. In the hands of a master surgeon, the odds of a success are big, but for an inexperienced one, it can lead to failure.

Aside from that, it can have side effects, which can ultimately scar a person for the rest of their life. In addition to literal scars, people who undergone surgeries may feel pain and discomfort that can last a long time. Infection, nerve damage and blood loss are some of the risks of surgeries. Surgeries also require post-treatment measures to avoid these complications, which can be troublesome.

Surgeries are also not for everyone. The elderly, obese and those who suffer from sickness may have a bigger chance of developing complication.
The question now is, are there any other ways that someone can achieve youthful beauty without surgical procedures but still gain these effects?

Non-surgical Operations

Today, experts found new ways to achieve that ageless beauty without the involvement of surgeries.

There are a wide variety of non-surgical operations.

There are laser treatments that use laser technology to remove the signs of aging, such as Radio Frequency treatments.
Chemical peels are also removes outer layers of the skin cells thus removing dead skin. Dermal fillers, which injected to wrinkles to fill them out, are also available.
Botox procedures inject Botulinum Toxin A that will relax facial muscles making wrinkles less obvious. Although
In general, these procedures carry less serious risks but it does not mean that it is entirely safe. Discussing it with a good surgeon would nonetheless lessen these risks.

There is one non-surgical operation however that offers little to no side effect.

Ultherapy, for example, is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. It may cause minimal redness and slight swelling but only last for a couple of hours. It is by far one of safest way to achieve the younger look. It is currently the only non-invasive treatment approved by FDA. It employs ultrasound technology that gradually lifts skin on the eyebrow, under the chin and in the neck area and wrinkles. It stimulates collagen regeneration. It can last for an hour and a half and does not require any post-treatment. Most patients only need one treatment, but taking additional sessions can be beneficial. Initial effects can be seen but it may take two months at least to see the full effects of ultheraphy.

Whatever your choice is, may it be surgical or non-surgical, it is best to consult a specialist. Picking the best surgeon is the first and the most important step in achieving ageless beauty. From there on, they can discuss with you the best procedure that suits you that will help you obtain the youthful beauty you desired.

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