Liquid Shimmer – How to Use a Liquid Shimmer Highlighter in World of Warcraft

A shimmering makeup that highlights and accentuates areas of the skin where light hits. A highlighter is typically used on the cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow. Some highlighters can double as eyeshadows, depending on the shade’s texture and the player’s skill level. For instance, the Ofra Cosmetics Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in shades like Star Island, Rodeo Drive, and Beam the Haters are known for their ability to serve as both eyeshadow and highlighter.

Other highlighters with similar effects include the Glamdash Booster from the Bite-Size Palette in Cream and Sugar and the second shade of the e.l.f. Bite-Size palette in Creamy. Using any of these will draw attention to the skin around the eyes, which can be undesirable for some players. This can make the eyes appear bigger than they are and may emphasize pores, which can be difficult to hide with makeup.

A highlighter can also be used as a foundation for eyeshadow to add more dimension or help the colors blend better. The best foundations for highlighters are usually creamy or liquid and tend to have good pigmentation, which will allow the player to build up a creaseless glow that looks good in any lighting. It is recommended to try out different products before settling on one that fits the player’s style.

Adding a layer of Liquid Shimmer to the eyelids can give a more intense glow, which is useful for parties or date nights in dimly lit restaurants. However, it is advised to apply the highlighter lightly and to avoid slapping it on in a haphazard fashion as doing so can result in a cakey appearance. It is also advisable to start with a small amount of shimmer powder before building up to prevent the face from looking too “overdone.”

Throwing items into Shimmer will transform them, which can be beneficial or detrimental to the player’s character. For example, if the player throws a coin into Shimmer it will grant them Coin Luck, which can be helpful for gaining extra experience points in dungeons or crafting gear. However, if the player throws a chest into Shimmer it will downgrade it into a cheaper version that can be crafted with fewer materials or spawned in the world for a lower tier of rewards.

In addition to transforming items, Shimmer can also be used to create an Aether biome in the Overworld. To do this, the player must place 300 or more tiles of Shimmer in the Underground or Cavern layers. This will then turn the area into an Aether biome, accompanied by music and the appearance of stars in the sky. The Aether can also be created in a biome layer without the use of Shimmer by using the Aether Monolith. Players can also use Shimmer to transform themselves by right-clicking on their portrait and selecting “Transform”. This process takes two minutes per character, and the transformed player will be able to move horizontally while in the biome.

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