Money Counting Machine | Why you need this for Your Business?

•Precise & Accurate Counting: By using this Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector, you can count notes that have different sizes. This cash counting machine can count every note accurately. This machine does not take too much time when counting notes. The best thing about this machine is that it can count notes with a lot of speed. You can count 100 notes in just 5-6 seconds and you will not have any problem. You might make a mistake when you count notes by only using your hands but our banknote counting machine does not make any mistake while counting.

•Great at Detecting Fake Notes: You can find out if a note is fake or not when you count notes using this banknote counting machine. If you are counting a Bangladeshi Taka then turn on the UV button and if you are counting a foreign currency such as euro, dollar, pound then you need to turn on both the UV and the MG button. By using this machine, you will easily be able to detect a fake note.

•Can Count Multiple Notes & Currencies: This cash counting machine can count different types of notes. You can count Taka, Dollar, Pound, Euro, Rupee and more using this Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector.

• Solid & High-Quality Machine: This banknote is imported from China. It is also a European quality machine. This machine is our own branded machine and it will not disappoint you. This cash counting machine is made of high-quality materials and it has a durable design so it will last you a long time.

•Easy-To-Use: Another great feature of this machine is its easy-to-use interface. This machine also comes with an instruction manual so once you have learned how to use it, you will not have any issues and you will be able to easily count and detect notes.

•Additional Features: This cash counting machine has useful features like Batch Counting, Add Counting, Automatic Mode and Manual Mode which will help you make the best use of this machine.

•Area of Usage: You can use This cash counting machine and false note detecting machine in financial institutions like government and private offices, local and foreign institutes, insurance agencies, agent banking, Bkash agency, money exchange, dealership offices and also import/export offices.

•Low Noise: This cash counting machine does not make a lot of noise like other money counting machines. It produces a low sound while counting so that you know it is working but it does not make any loud noises.

•Service Warranty: We will provide 2 years of replacement warranty for the Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector. If the machine has an issue during that time, then we will fix it for free and if we fail to fix the machine then we will provide you a new replacement. However, you will able to fix any issue by just calling from your mobile. We are always ready to provide you our service. If you have any questions, then please contact us. Straightening machine

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